I have a passion in helping couples relationally heal and recover from infidelity, sexual compulsivity and addictions using Emotionally Focused Therapy.

The partner who has sexually acted outside of the marriage must be working on their sobriety and recovery in order for me to work with you as a couple. If you need referrals to qualified sexual addiction therapists who specialize in individual or group work, please contact me and I can provide you with colleagues whom I trust. If you are the injured partner and need individual or group support, I can provide you with appropriate referrals as well.

I feel called to work with couples in which the acting out partner does have some level of sobriety and recovery already established and both partners are willing to rebuild and restore their marriage. With the right clinical training and sensitivity, there is hope and help. You are not alone. I invite you to view my Resource page that I trust and use with my past and current clients.

 I also offer Trauma Resolution through BrainSpotting which comes from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).