Therapy Services

Therapy Sessions:

Couples Therapy:

I provide 90 minute sessions for couples therapy.


I provide one hour sessions for individual therapy.


I provide both one hour and 90 minute sessions depending on the need of the family.

Couples Retreat:

I offer “Hold Me Tight” couples retreats – this is held with a group of other couples and is offered over a weekend.  Please contact me for more details of when these are offered.

Couples Intensive:

This 2 Day Couples Intensives is a unique and special service for couples who are in high relational distress and need more immediate relief.

The 2 Day Couples Intensive breaks down to 3 hours in the morning with a 1 ½ hour lunch break and 3 hours in the afternoon. This same schedule is repeated the second day. This allows for 12 hours of focused time to work through your issues in 2 days verses working on your issues over the course of 12 weeks under normal weekly sessions with a therapist.  Depending on the couples needs, I also offer a 3 Day Couples Intensive highly distressed couples.  The same schedule would apply for all three days.

I have had both local San Diego couples as well as out-of-town couples attend these intensives with tremendous success.

If you are currently seeing a couple’s therapist, I can offer a summary of our work together to your current therapist or, if you don’t have a therapist, I can refer one to you in your local area that can continue the important work you have done together in the intensive.

I have local couples and current clients attend this 2 Day Couples Intensive to jump start their relationship in a positive, forward movement to try to resolve the distress in a more immediate way.

Please contact me if you have further questions. I have offered these 2 Day Couples Intensives on the weekend and during the week. Whatever works best for your schedule, we can do.